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HOB Multi-Postion Furnace ,   Model: HOBAdditional Information
With efficiencies up to 83.5% AFUE, the HOB furnace by Oneida Royal is a top performer in home heating with innovative design features that will deliver years of dependable heat to your home. Each HOB furnace features a design that uses only the best components available making it one of the most reliable and fuel efficient furnaces in the industry. Its low profile and multi-position design is ideal for most any homes’ installation requirements.

  1. HOB Rev. 11/08
Installation & Operation Manual
  1. HOB Rev. 5/05
Parts Lists
  1. HOB Rev. 8/02
Product Bulletin
  1. Oneida Royal Energy Star Product Bulletin 8/07
Tax Certification Statement
  1. HOB Rev. 8/07

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