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Oneida GTHB/GTHC 4 Position High Efficiency Gas Furnace ,   Model: GTHB & GTHCAdditional Information
The GTHB/GTHC line of furnaces is designed for maximum performance, comfort and energy savings. If your furnace is 25 years old or older, chances are that it is only 55% or 65% efficient. With up to 95% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) the GTHB/GTHC delivers savings and peace-of-mind to families looking for maximum efficiency for every energy dollar they spend. High-quality components make the GTHB/GTHC a sound investment that will help you sleep at night. Every component has to pass extensive testing, often simulating 20 years of operation, before it can be approved for use. The GTHB/GTHC is designed to interface with additional home comfort products (air conditioner, electronic air cleaner and humidifier) through simple plug-in connections to the integrated furnace control board.
Energy Star Rated

  1. GTHB/GTHC Color Brochure Rev. 9/06
Installation & Operation Manual
  1. Oneida GTHB Rev. E
  2. Oneida GTHC Rev. E
Product Bulletin
  1. Oneida GTHB/C Return Air Dimension Error Bulletin 10/06
  2. Oneida GTHB/GTHC 10/06
User Manual
  1. Oneida GTHB/GTHC Rev. A

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