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LOB Lowboy Furnace ,   Model: LOBAdditional Information
With efficiencies up to 84% AFUE, the LOB will help homeowners increase energy savings and lower fuel oil bills. The LOB is built with an innovative design which includes a full circular, single pass heat exchanger to maximize efficiency. The burner features an interrupted duty ignition, a solid state microprocessor control center and a PSC motor that is more powerful while using significantly less electricity. In addition, a solenoid oil valve provides for cleaner burning and a quick, efficient shutdown.

  1. LOB Rev. 8/05
Installation & Operation Manual
  1. LOB Rev. 6/03
Parts Lists
  1. LOB F Rev. 9/02
  2. LOB R Rev. 6/03
Product Bulletin
  1. Oneida Royal Energy Star Product Bulletin 8/07
Tax Certification Statement
  1. LOB Rev. 8/07

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