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LOB Lowboy Furnace ,   Model: LOBAdditional Information
With efficiencies up to 84% AFUE, the LOB will help homeowners increase energy savings and lower fuel oil bills. The LOB is built with an innovative design which includes a full circular, single pass heat exchanger to maximize efficiency. The burner features an interrupted duty ignition, a solid state microprocessor control center and a PSC motor that is more powerful while using significantly less electricity. In addition, a solenoid oil valve provides for cleaner burning and a quick, efficient shutdown.
·Optional left or right wiring access
·Twin heat exchanger access allows for easy and effective inspection and cleaning of the flue gas travel area throughout the radiator.

  1. LOB Rev. 8/05
Installation & Operation Manual
  1. LOB Rev. 6/03
Parts Lists
  1. LOB F Rev. 9/02
  2. LOB R Rev. 6/03
Product Bulletin
  1. Oneida Royal Energy Star Product Bulletin 8/07
Tax Certification Statement
  1. LOB Rev. 8/07

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