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Oneida 4 Position Two Stage Variable Speed High Efficiency Gas Furnace ,   Model: G95VAdditional Information
Two-stage technology delivers two furnaces in one. The furnace must be sized for the coldest day of the year. For 80% of the year, a conventional furnace is oversized. The G95V will operate on the second/high-stage only on bitterly cold days (20% of the year). The first/low-stage heat (60% of capacity) will operate the majority of the time, consuming less energy and saving money. At full load the ECM motor is 20% more efficient than a conventional motor. On continuous fan speed, the ECM motor consumes 60-80 watts compared to 400 watts for a conventional motor. The ECM motor starts gradually, eliminating the initial rush of air and noise created by conventional motors. Since conventional furnaces can only operate at full capacity, they must cycle on and off when heat is required. The G95V runs for longer periods, delivering only the heat required at a slower fan speed, which drastically reduces temperature swings and increases overall comfort.
Factory fired and tested for trouble free start ups
Easily installed in all 4 positions with little or no modifications
Self diagnostic integrated furnace control is mounted between the blower rails for easy accessibility
Multiple intake/venting, gas pipe and electrical connection options
Sealed bearing motors
PVC elbows included for multiple venting options

  1. G95V Rev. 6/07
Installation & Operation Manual
  1. G95V IOM 7/07
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  1. G95V
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  1. G95V 6/07
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  1. G95V

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